Temporary - Lasting, or intended to last, only for a short time - Webster's Dictionary

An Open Letter to Beer Store Temporary Employees

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We are temporary workers at the Beer Store. As such, we have very few rights to help us make sure that The Company treats us in a fair, and respectful manner. These rights have been trampled on for too long. We have watched it take place in this Company for too long. Temps losing hours, pay, responsibility, and respect for no reason other than they can. We believe that the time has come for organization. For a united front to be presented. Time to take a stand. We are human beings first, employees second, but this company treats us like cattle.

What We present to you here is simply a list of facts. Information. To the Best of Our knowledge all of these statitstics, facts, stories, and actions are true. They have been submitted by your fellow temps to show how they have been mistreated by the Company due to lack of protection under the Collective Agreement. If you have similar stories or happenings, We urge you to submit them via E-Mail, or the Message Board. Together, we can evoke change. We can create a better working environment for everyone involved. But we can only achieve these things if we stand together. Please, read every word on this page, it will be updated frequently. Let's then decide to stand together.

Knowledge is Power. Arm yourself.

The Association of Concerned Temps


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